Original Scores

Our team creates scene-setting scores to evoke the perfect emotional response for your project.

Original Themes

Our team crafts original themes in numerous styles and genres for all types of programming.

Branding Packages

Our team works in concert with clients and composes memorable audio branding.

Track Enhancements

Our team can enhance an existing track or completely remix it to produce a unique sounding composition.


- Lyrics

- Melody

- Composition


- Real instruments


- Pro Musicians/Sessions


Our in-house mixing engineers will adjust and combine the track/s into a seamlessly enhanced audio file. 


Our in-house mastering engineers will polish the audio for commercial distribution. 


Music Group

BossWaves Music Group © 2016-2018

Established in 2016, BossWaves Music Group strives to deliver musical content that captures the hearts and ears of audiences around the world.  
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